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Aparna Samaga


Aparna Samaga Lulla hails from an artistic family which has strong roots in Indian tradition and Arts. At the age of 6, she was initiated into this divine dance form by her mother who herself is a dancer. Soon, her natural flair and intense passion for dance persuaded her parents pursue her dance career under the scholarly tutelage of “Karnataka Kala Tilaka” Ullal Mohan Kumar. She then continued her dance training under the guidance of famous dancing couple “The Kirans” from Bangalore ,India.

Aparna, an Engineering Graduate and an avid learner has partaken in several dance performances.  Scholarships, recognitions, honors have adorned her. She is a graduate in Bharatanatyam obtaining a Vidushi title from the Karnataka State Secondary Education Board, India. She has performed extensively and also has toured all over India and European countries like Germany, France, UK, Belgium and Italy, which won her many rare accolades. She has also judged many dance competitions conducted on various occasions.

An upcoming danseuse, whose mainstay in dance is grace and heartfelt piece of abhinaya [facial expressions], is a reward for her sincere and enthusiastic efforts. She has also received critical acclaim from art critics and connoisseurs of art, which has motivated her and has been a source of inspiration.

Her form seems to be made just for ”Bharatanatyam”…..the Indian Classical Dance.

In St.Maarten, Aparna has been teaching Bharatanatyam in NIA,National Institute of Arts [former Imbali Center for Creative Movements] since 2007.Many of her students have part taken in various prestigious public performances in St.Maarten. Her students have also won accolades in the French Federation Dance Competitions .  To preserve and share the beauty of ancient Indian traditions and culture, she has also been conducting annual Dance recitals in SXM.


     With her single minded devotion Aparna looks forward to many more years of intense involvement with dance. She wants to propagate this art form and enrich St.Maarten with rich Indian culture and heritage.

Contact Details-17215268850 ,


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