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Artist in Residence

This program is geared to visiting artists and artists residing on St.Maarten. The NIA Artist-in-Residence programs exist to invite artists, and curators to NIA to give workshops, to students and the general public that culminate in a presentation and/or production.


Guest teachers have included:  

Scapino Ballet, Hanni Schouten

Members of the Iconoclastic String Band Musical Group “Tanny and the Boys”

Jean Claude Laville from Guadalupe specializing in Argentine Tango, Tap Dance and Salsa

Hellier Coquillas traditional dances from Guadalupe Gwoka Mazurka Piqué

Jean Aurel Maurice - Haitian Folkloric Dances

Mad D from Holland with Hip-Hop Classes

Musical Theatre Joost de Jong and Dirkjan Jansen

Jamel Gaines’ Creative Outlet from Brooklyn

Dance Brigade from San Francisco

Percy Kruythoff residing in Amsterdam

Bruce Gent, Taiko Master

Tap Dancer Frances Neilah Bradley 

Musician, Percusionist and Story Teller Ernesto Arrendell

Patricia Winkelaar Street Jazz Amsterdam







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