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NIACA Festival

Is a platform to celebrate the St. Maarten Story as told by the people who live and work here as artist. The showcase celebrates both our traditional cultural heritage, as well as the contemporary works created by the artist of now.  On October 10th 2010 St.Maarten gained country status within the Dutch Kingdom we feel that the transition to Country Status is the appropriate occasion to celebrate all things from St. Maarten, our past, -our present, and visions of our future. This is a time to honor the creative works of those who have paved the way so that NIA could be here today. 


Much of the St. Maarten story has been kept alive in the voices of the artist who live and work here.  The images, sentiments, rhythms of long ago are embodied in the movement of our dancers, in the words of our poets and oral historian, our stories are embodied in the brush strokes of the visual artist and in the warm melodic voices of our vocalists. The NIACA festival is a vital platform for residence to connect and honor the St.Maarten rhythm of life. The festival is an interdisciplinary podium showcasing the vast spectrum of artistic disciplines where our artists choose to express their St. Maarten experience.


The high light of the NIACA Festival is the National Institute Award of Excellence in the Arts where honor is bestowed upon artists of 3 generations: the older heads, the current artists and the young emerging artists.




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