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Albina Matuzko
Art of Laughter
Acting Studio

Albina Matuzko, a citizen of the Netherlands, originally from Ukraine, since July 2011 lives at Sint Maarten.  “I discovered theatre when I was 12 being the member of the big Youth Production Company.  These were 6 years of experience in The Company with a professional vision and professional facilities:  theatre -venue for 700 seats, costumes and props department, light and sound engineers, serving kids and teenagers running for full house about 40 shows during a few weeks each winter yearly and a various shows during a year. Why it is important? Because it disciplines, inspires, motivates and stimulates”


  • Directing of theatre / Stanislavsky Method (bachelor degree in theatre, Acting and Direction of  theatre/ organising of Artistic work  ) and Post-doctoral study in social Pedagogy at The Kiev State Institute of Fine Arts, Ukraine;

  • 2-years Clown’s School “Tiny Hero PRODUCTIONS” (Amsterdam),“clowning by Michael Chekhov Acting Technique”.  Teachers: Marjolein Baars, Ganna Venhysen, Lenard Petit (USA)

  • “Clown Through mask”/Native North American approach of Richard Pochinco, by legendary Sue Morrison/Theatre Research center in Toronto

  •  Clown/Characters at Internationally theatre school, Ecole Philippe Gaulier in France.

  • Clown Lab at Cirque du Soleil.

Among my teachers are such Masters of Clowning and physical theatre as Jango Edwards (Spain), Lila Monti (Argentina), Karina Holla (NL), Hilary Chaplin (USA), Ton Kurstjens (NL), Marjolein Baars (NL), Maretty van der Mosselaar (NL), Grada Peskens (NL), Michel Courtemanche (Can), Hanna Linde en Laura Fernandes (Germany)

As a clown- nouveau I had participated in international clown Festivals: Clownmania in Oostende, Belgium (2013), Klovnbuf in Ljubljana, Slovenia (2011), Clownin, Vienna, Austria (2008, 2010), Meppel, Netherlands (2010), De Pallaces,  Andorra (2009), Esse Monde de Mulher Palhaça, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil (2007) and in Svenborg, Denmark (2009)

As a performer I worked on stages in Japan, Bulgary, Poland.

Besides experience as a performer I was occupied  in entertainment, organising all kinds of  corporate events, gala's , fairs, conferences in Ukraine, being the owner of Event Agency “Show communications” and being the part of team of “Show Academy”.  Among of my clients such International companies as Volvo-track International, Sony-Ericsson, Thomson, Cisco etc.

Since 2006 I have been teaching clown, theatre, physical comedy, performing skills and self-development for adults, kids and teenagers and producing Youth Stage productions in high schools.

  I am teaching Art of Laughter for kids and adults, performing skills and acting for performers of any genre at National Institute of Arts and dream to develop theatre Department in the way as I experienced it when I was 12.

Theatre is a place where people can discover the real beauty of human being in generally, their own Unique "I" and it's connection to this Amazing Universe. Places where their souls can touch each other. Where they can experience and WONDER "another" world beyond of their "reality".  I believe that through ARTS it is possible to touch that DEVINE in each of us, which makes us human beings.


…addfitionally to classes description:

As teacher I try to create a safe, comfortable, “free of judgment” place, a place where students can explore their creativity, be spontaneous, be free, love and respect each other, creating together. In my classes kids are co-creators. I give them possibilities to explore their own ideas, inspiring and guiding them to make their own product. 

I feel it is important to detect “treasure” in every student, to see their special personal talents and needs and to let it grow and blossom.


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