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Dance and Culture Research

NIA actively works to bring to the world the St. Martin story on stage. As such NIA’s Dance and Culture Research department is involved with researching St. Maarten traditional dances, songs and cultural practices, as well as documenting and archiving our cultural heritages.


NIA works extensively with our senior citizens, also known as the older heads. We pay tribute and honor to our ancestors that paved the way for the new generation. Over the years, NIA has been able to resurrect dances from the brink of extinction, bring back traditional songs as well as other social dances of the 50’s and 60’s. Many children are growing up without St. Maarten’s history being taught in schools. NIA provides a curriculum that advocates and celebrates cultural identity and awareness.


NIA offers interdisciplinary arts education and training that support original works produced by St. Maarten’s artists. NIA has designed a specific program entitled Culture and Arts Platform, Purpose Pride and Professionalism (CAP3) which specific aim is to use the arts as a vehicle to access St. Maarten cultural traditions and vice versa, use Culture as a vehicle to be educated in the arts.


This program is geared specially towards younger students and is offered at all our outreach community school programs.  

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