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Communities Outreach

NIA offers interdisciplinary art education to various foundations and non-profit organizations that cater to after school enrichment programs.  NIA‘s objective is to introduce the children to a meaningful art experience. NIA faculty travels and teaches on site at the community center that is equipped to host our classes. 


Centers that lack the infrastructure to accommodate our classes bus their students to the NIA’s main head quarters located at the John Larmonie Center in Philipsburg. Through out the academic year NIA is called to give lecture demonstrations on cultural dances at various elementary schools, in addition NIA donates services by offering free dance classes and workshops to students at various centers.



Our past and present clients include:


  • ASA No Messing With Our Kids Foundation.

  • Quest for Knowledge after School program

  • Star Academy after School program

  • Island Government Community School program: Ruby Labega

    Public School St. Peters

  • Learning Unlimited after School program.

  • Herve Williams Elementary School Marigot French St. Martin

  • Catholic school board In and After School community Program. 

  • NIA afterschool classes at the St. Maarten Montessori school

  • Caribbean International Academy, 

  • NIA also volunteers workshops to orphanages, such as the I Can Foundation

  • NIA volunteers performances at the senior citizens home, 

  • NIA volunteers free sessions at the Mental Health Foundation, 

  • NIA volunteers at the Sister Basilica Center 

  • NIA volunteers with the Tzu-Chi Foundation, a Buddhist Compassion Relief Organization,

  • NIA volunteers team building activities to Milton Peter’s College Motivational week 

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