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Work Study

This program is geared towards aspiring students of the arts that show an aptitude and a desire to pursue training in the arts but lack financial means. In exchange for reduced tuition, partial scholarship or full scholarship, eligible students in NIA Work Study Program are given the opportunity to work in a particular field in order to gain experience.  This program encourages community service work and work related to the student’s course of study.


NIA gives students the ability to combine their studies with paid part-time work experience


  • It provides part-time employment while you are enrolled at NIA 

  • It’s available to any student with financial need.



In order to be considered, students may apply for Work Study if they are:


  • On a trajectory to pursue arts education / training / profession

  • In satisfactory academic standing

  • Demonstrate financial need

  • Demonstrated level of artistic ability and talent



Work-study jobs provide an amazing opportunity to:


  • Gain valuable job skills and experiences

  • Build your resume

  • Meet students

  • Work with professionals

  • Expand your social and career networks



Work-Study program funded by NIA offers financial support to students with a demonstrated financial need. In order to maintain continued financial support a student must meet the following criteria:


  • Demonstrate a financial need as determined by the NIA Directors

  • Maintain satisfactory Attendance record, 

  • Exhibit satisfactory work ethics 

  • Artistic progress 

  • Be part of the NIA community

  • Parent/Guardian (if applicable) continued participation in NIA 

  • Student continued interest in assisting NIA above and beyond prescribed work

  • Represent NIA in performances and public appearances if needed

  • Establish a network


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