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Summer Program

It is during the 3 weeks of this program that we are able to reach our maximum range in artistic training.  For 3 weeks in the summer, NIA becomes the full interdisciplinary institution that we aspire to become on a full time basis year round.


Students ranging from ages 3 to 16 are exposed and immersed in a variety of creative and technical disciplines in dance, music, voice lessons, photography, film, drumming, arts and craft, acrobatics, poetry, historical walking tours, filed trips to museums and many more creative expressive classes. This culminates with a grand performance at the end of the 3 weeks showcasing student’s works and creation. During the summer, students interact and receive master classes from masters of Arts in our community and from our elders in our traditions.


Ultimately this would be the full scope of the school to create a center where the arts are explored in its entirety; creating a space where the individual child can explore to their hearts content that medium which best express their creative genius.


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