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Art of Laughter

It’s a Physical Comedy class, which means there will be a lot of:

Non-verbal acting

Theatre games


Corporal expression (body and face expression),

Character work



Creativity is a main principal. Participants are directed to be active co-creators of own stage material based on authenticity of each individual.


During this course common performing skills needed for any kind of performing arts: dance, singing, spoken word and musical theatre


They are also trained in:

Presence (stage freedom)





Contact with the audience


That why this course is one of our core disciplines what is highly recommended).

Besides all mentioned above, the accent is on a research of an authenticity of each individual and special comedy techniques.


Wednesday      4:00-5:30           Beg/Inter

Friday              3:30 -5:00 

Theatre, Art of Laughter

Let’s make FUN together!

1. Playing games we step into imaginary world and do things we never dare to do. We take risks. We get a fresh energy and self-confidence

2. Moving, you express yourself and keep yourself alive.

3. Meeting people and laugh together on your faults and mistakes you get a new vision and taste of life.


The playing man remains young!

These classes include theatre games, improvisations, comedy exercises, character -work based on authenticity and physicality of each person "Find who you are and do it express!”


During this course common performing skills needed for any kind of performing arts or any profession, where you have to contact people: Presence, Radiating, Space, Timing, Partnership and Involvement with the audience.


But even if your goal is only meeting people, laugh and have a lot of FUN, you are here in the good place. 


It’s a Perfect place to be ImPerfect, to make your inner-discoveries and enjoy the beauty of your own ridiculousness.


TUESDAY         7:15 - 8:30

Acting Studio

The goal of this course is for students to own their uniqueness and to merge that into any kind of performing arts: theatre, film, TV, dance, singing. In order to master the craft of acting you need to have a strong technical foundation. Students will engage with several different techniques, like improvisations, methods of Stanislavski and Michael Chekhov, Physical (non-verbal) comedy toward finding what works best for them. The same time this course makes emphasis on main performing skills like aware of the space and time, aware of the own authenticity, self-consciousness and self-confidence, complicity with the audience: freedom and pleasure to be in front of the audiences

Most kids naturally possess the qualities necessary to be successful actors: creativity, imagination, and enthusiasm. The key is to maintain a child’s sense of spontaneity, wonder, and freedom in their work and don’t let adolescence to kill all these natural talents.

In exploring this creative process, besides all these actor/performer’s craft, young people develop skills in teamwork and leadership.


Together with self-confidence will stay with them wherever they may go in their future. 


Classes include:  

Creative theatre games

Drama exercises


Scene work

Physical freedom: movement, body expression, mime, slapstic

Voice freedom

Introduction to  Stanislavsky and  Mikhael Chekhov Technique

Introduction to Physical comedy

Character work.




Stage production is a logical end of the course, but depend on individual needs and/of talents and wishes of students could result in different forms.

Students who want to develop skills in movie–making, script, camera work or editing, of movie are welcome! You will find your role and function in the process!

As a result of this course you may be selected to NIA Youth Theatre Company!



WEDNESDAY       6:00-7:00 PM



Voice and Diction - Voice and Diction training gives the actor an instrument capable of producing and projecting sound in a healthy manner, and the ability to articulate clearly in performance.


Classes focus on Projection, Diction, IPA, Breath Support, Vocal Anatomy, and Standard American Speech, including voice over, accent work and working with heightened language.

WEDNESDAY        4:00-5:00 PM

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