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Eolia Ada
Hip Hop
Street Jazz


My name is Ada Eolia better known as “BIBI”. I was born in Guadeloupe but lived on St.Martin all my life.


My interest in dancing started at the age of five when I attended my sister’s rehearsals with the group Grain D’or (Traditional dance). I later joined that same group and have been dancing ever since.


Growing up I would take various technical dance classes including Jazz, Ballet, Modern, Afro Caribbean and of course Hip Hop with Adrien Busby, Evelyn  Fleming, Nicole Mouton or Debby Hyman as my teachers. Between then and now I’ve been part of many Hip hop/Street Jazz dance groups such as Adrenaline SWI, Silver Shockers and Hydraulics Crew, and have been a dancer of the “Color Caraib” entertainment troop from 2001 to 2008. This gave me the opportunity to perform nationally (hotels, casinos, talent shows, competitions…) and internationally (Guadeloupe, Martinique, France, Apollo Theatre, 106 n Park BET, Hollywood…).


In 2004 after graduating from high school I left to study my passion at the “Scherer Academy” in Guadeloupe where I obtained in 2008 my dance instructor diploma for the Jazz Technique.


I now continue to live of this passion, hoping to one day open my own school.









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