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Peggy Oulerich

Guest Choreographer

International choreographer Peggy Oulerich grew up between New Caledonia and Senegal.

While there Ms. Oulerich joined Sans Dessus Dessous company under direction of choreographer Bénédicte Raquin,under whose tutelage she gained and built a diverse artistic identity.

Ms.Oulerich artistic growth expanded to include collaboration, and exchanges with notables choreographers such as J.Montalvo-D.Hervieu ,Robyn Orlin, Samir Hachichi Karim Sebbar ...

In 2008, Ms. Oulerich moved to St Martin, with the ambition to develop contemporary dance, which was in its infancy at that time.

Partnering with director of "Imbali Center for Creative Movement Clara Reyes, iconic cultural figure of Sint Maarten society, Ms. Oulerich embarked on a process to engage in the arts on an educational innovative artistic evolution.

Founding her Company, the "Peggy Ö company" was a coming together of all the elements of her artistic journey.

This inturn lead to the development of Head Made Factory of which Ms. Oulerich is one of the artistic director .

Headmade factory is an artist collective which includes painters, sculptors, the plastic arts and video artists who promote contemporary art in the Caribbean.

In 2013 Ms. Oulerich was apointed coordinator of modern contemporary dance at the National Institute of Arts.

Through her involvement with The National Instiute of Arts and Imbali Center for Creative Movement, Ms oulerich has been awarded first prizes with her students in contemporary dance in the French Federation of Dance National championship

Ms. Oulerich choreographic styles draws inpiration from contact improvisation, and is an eclectic fusion of capoeira , african dance and celebrates a dancers journey in the process of creation.

Ms. Oulerich is guided by the principal that the journey of the interdiciplinary arts preferibly the plastics arts and visual artist acts as "the preferred means of confrontation an interpretive world of reality."

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