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NIACA Festival

The NIACA Festival is a platform to celebrate the Culture and Arts of St.Maarten. The Story as told by the individuals who live and work here as artist. The showcase celebrates both our traditional cultural heritage, as well as the modern contemporary works created by the artist of now. The National Institute of Arts has selected October 10th for the NIACA Festival, as we feel that the transition to Country Status is the appropriate occasion to celebrate all things St.Maarten. Our past, our present, and visions of our future. During the NIACA Festival we also award and honor the creative works of those who have paved the way so that we could be here today. The highlight of the evening will be an Award ceremony honoring St.Maarten artist of 3 generations, and a showcase featuring a wide range of performers. This years performers included the Choir Charlie Par Choeur, Dancers representing Temps Dans, Lucie Corbinien, Alyzee Jouvenet, Author LaToya Lake, Poet Rene Violenus, Tamara Groeneveldt, Dancers from the National Institute of Arts, and Acoustics guitar performance by Carlson Velasquez, John Ferdinand Hyman and Jan Beaujon.

This year Accolade of Excellence in Culture and Arts 2015 Awards recipients are:

The Griot Award recipients are The Seniors /The Older-Heads. The pioneers who have paved so that we may do what we do today. Irene Hodge Ruby Bute Carlson Velasquez John Ferdinand Hyman Felix Felix

The Vanguard Award. This is the generation that has forged on, creating works in a myriad of genres. They are the contemporary generation. Artists of now that are doing creative expressive works in all discipline. Evelyne Fleming Isidore York

The Young Emerging Artist Award speaks for it self. These are the artists of the future. Those now embarking on their artistic path. Keila Michelle Gumbs David Colas better known as D.Kullus

The National Institute of Arts recognizes that Arts and Culture play vital roles in celebrating the story of our humanity. The artist that we honor are a treasure throve of information and have created a library of work that helps tell Sweet S’Maatin Story.

These artists have devoted themselves to living an exemplary life as an Artist, despite of all the obstacles faced in the process of creating and developing their art here on this island. Through their hard work, perseverance, dedication, and commitment to excellence, St. Maarten/St. Martin now has a library of tangible works, which celebrates all “Our-Story”.

NIA knows that the Sweet S’Maatin Story lives in the body of our artists, poets, dancers, cultural workers, storytellers and others engaged in Culture & Arts. The Griots of our Island are a true testament and example of Artistry embodied.

Photograph Information from left to right: Co-Director National Institute of Arts Arlen Halley Emerging Artist 2015 recipient Keila Michelle Griot Award Recipient Ruby Bute Vanguard Award Recipient Evelyne Fleming Griot Award Recipient Irene Hodge Griot Award Recipient Carlson Velasquez Griot Award Recipient Felix Fleming Griot Award Recipient John Ferdinand Hyman Co-Director National Institute of Arts Clara Reyes and bottom of Photograph Emerging Artist Award David Colas D.Kullus Missing the picture: Vanguard Award Recipient Isidore York

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